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By popular demand, here's a list of some of the words in the Empire setting and how we usually say them.

These are simply guidelines, and you won't be bludgeoned over the head if you say things differently. There are no hard and fast rules -- as many people have pointed out, pronunciation could vary depending on nation, accent and culture.

If there are other Empire words you're not sure of, please let us know and we'll add them to this list.

Word Pronunciation Notes
Alderei OLDER-eye Infamous Varushkan rebel
Anduz an-DOOZ Brass Coast settlement
Anozel an-o-ZELL Brass Coast settlement
Arete Ah-REH-teh Urizen concept
Arnet ARNAY Dawnish settlement
Astolat ASS-toe-latt Dawn territory
Atalaq AT-al-ack Wintermark settlement
Atalaya ah-tah-LIE-yah Brass Coast settlement
Atkonartoq AT-konn-ar-tock Wintermark lake
Auvanne oh-VAN Dawnish settlement
Bastion BASS-tee-onn Highguard city and territory
Boyar BOY-arr Leader of a vale in Varushka
Bregasland BREG-az-land Marches territory
Briante bree-AN-teh Brass Coast settlement
Briar BRY-arr Lineage
Brocéliande brock-KELL-ee-ond Navarri territory
Calvos KALL-voss Brass Coast settlement
Cambion CAM-bee-on Lineage
Caricomare ka-ricko-MAH-ray League place of interest
Casinea cass-SIN-ee-ah Highguard territory
Cazar ka-ZARR Brass Coast settlement
Cerevado che-reh-VA-doe Brass Coast settlement
Cevia CHE-vee-ah Tassato settlement
Cicisbeo kick-a-BEY-o Companion for hire in the League
Culwich CULL-itch Dawnish settlement
Dhomiro dome-EAR-roe Brass Coast leader
Draughir DRAW-gheer Lineage
Eleri’s Stead ell-AIRY Navarr settlement
Elos ELL-oss Urizen settlement
Egregore EGG-regg-orr Magical embodiment of a nation
Erigo ehr-IH-goe Brass Coast tribe
Feni FAY-nee Pre-Imperial humans who still harass the western Imperial lands
Feroz FERR-ozz Brass Coast territory
Fort Mezudan MEZZ-oo-dan Urizen settlement
Gildenheim GILL-den-hime Imperial Orc settlement
Guerra GWERR-ah Brass Coast tribe
Gulhule gull-HOOLY Imperial Orc settlement
Gulnar’s Deeps GOOL-narr's Deeps Wintermark settlement
Hahnmark HANN-mark Wintermark territory
Hakima hack-EE-ma Brass Coast role
Hedra HEE-dra Highguard settlement
Hercynia herr-KIN-ee-ah Navarri territory
High Chalcis CHALL-siss Highguard settlement
Ikka ICK-ah Wintermark glacier
Isember ISS-ember Varushkan settlement
Ishal ISS-hal Wintermark settlement
Isle of the Osseini o-SANEY Brass Coast settlement
Joharra yo-HARRA Brass Coast settlement
Jotun YUH-toon Barbarian culture
Kalpaheim KALPA-hime Wintermark settlement
Kahraman KARR-ah-mann Brass Coast territory
Kallavesa kalla-VEH-sah Wintermark territory
Kallavesi kalla-VEH-see Wintermark subculture
Kohan KOE-han Brass Coast role
Kolvy KOLL-vee Varushkan settlement
Korotny ko-ROT-nee Varushkan settlement
Kosti KOSS-tee Varushkan settlement
Kronehal KRONUH-hal Wintermark settlement
Krysse CRISS-uh Imperial Orc settlement
Lacre LACK-ruh Dawnish settlement
Liao LEE-ow (ow as in "ow, that hurt") Religious drug
Liathaven LEE-ath-ah-venn Navarri territory
Liaven’s Dance LEE-ah-venn Navarr settlement
Madruga mad-ROO-gah Brass Coast territory
Masi MASSY Wintermark settlement
Miaren MEE-arr-enn Navarri territory
Miekarova MEE-karr-OVE-ah Varushkan territory
Mitwold MITT-wolled Marches territory
Mormyk MORR-mick Varushkan settlement
Mournwold MORN-wolled Marches territory
Naga NAH-gah Lineage
Navarr nah-VARR Nation
Nutjuitoq nut-JOOWY-tock Wintermark lake
Olodny oll-OD-nee Varushkan settlement
Oloy OLL-oy Varushkan settlement
Oran o-RANN Brass Coast settlement
Pakaanen pa-KHAN-en Legendary Wintermark mage
Peytaht pay-tatt Forest that covers parts of Reikos and much of the Barrens
The Pits of Brychel brih-CHEL (ch as in loch) Dawn place of interest
Quzar koo-ZARR Brass Coast settlement
Reikos RYE-koss Highguard territory
Riqueza rick-AY-za Brass Coast tribe
Rojota ro-YOE-tah Brass Coast settlement
Rucastle ROO-castle Dawnish settlement
Rundhal ROOND-hal Wintermark settlement
Runegrott ROONUH-grot Wintermark place of interest
Sarcombe SARR-kum Marcher settlement
Sadogua Sadogua is said by some to believe that the more pronunciations of his name there are, the more potential rhymes there are for constructing hymns to his glory, or poems to amuse him. However, both "Sa-dog-uwa" and "sad-dog-wah" have been commonly noted. Eternal
Sarvos SAHRR-voss League city
Schlacta SHLAK-ta Professional warriors of Varushka
Segura seg-GOO-rah Brass Coast territory
Sermersuaq SERR-merr-SOO-ack Wintermark territory
The Sign of Tamar TAY-mar Highguard place of interest
Siroc SIRR-ock Brass Coast city
Steinr STY-ner Wintermark subculture
Skarsind SCAR-sinned Imperial Orc territory
Solvi SOLL-vee Imperial Orc settlement
Sovevann so-VEH-van Wintermark lake
Suaq SOO-ack Wintermark subculture
Semmerholm SEMMER-home Dawn territory
Sutannir SOO-tan-neer Brass Coast role
Sybela sih-BELLA Highguard settlement
Sydanjaa SID-an-yah Ice storm
Syrene SIGH-reen Highguard settlement
Stzena stuh-ZZEHN-ah Varushkan role
Tabulos TAB-you-loss Urizen settlement
Tagliona tag-LEE-OWE-nah Tassato settlement
Taniki tan-EEKY Wintermark lagoon
Tassato Mestra tass-AH-toh MESS-tra League city
Tassato Regario tass-AH-toh reh-GARR-ee-oh League city
Temeschwar TEH-meh-shwarr League city
Therunin therr-OON-inn Navarri territory
Trajadoz tra-ha-doss Brass Coast settlement
Treji treh-JEE Navarr settlement
Triosk TREE-ossk Varushkan settlement
Trivento trih-VEN-toe League settlement
Turelva too-RELL-vah Wintermark settlement
Ulmo OOL-moh Wintermark King
Upwold UP-wolled Marches territory
Urizen OOH-rih-zen Nation
Valashal VALASS-hal Wintermark settlement
Vallorn VALL-lawn Dangerous woodland ecosystem
Varushka vah-ROOSH-kah Nation
Visten VISS-ten Urizen settlement
Vorota vo-ROT-tah Varushkan settlement
Westerhal WESS-ter-hal Wintermark settlement
Vate VAYT Navarri role
Volodny voll-LODD-nee Varushkan role
Weirwater WEER-water Dawn territory