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This wizard guides you through creating a group for Empire.

The process is divided into three steps with a few simple choices to make at each step. When you have completed a step, click on the purple bar to the right to move to the next step.

You must complete the steps in order, but you may change any choices you have made by clicking on the purple bars to the left to move back to a previous step.

If you need help at any point then click the help icon to be taken to the most relevant page of the wiki where you can find additional information.

When you are ready to begin, click on the purple bar to the right labelled 'Nation'.

Nation Nation

Click on a figure to choose a nation.

The Brass Coast Dawn Highguard Imperial Orcs League The Marches Navarr Urizen Varushka Wintermark
Band Band

Your group must have an oath and be either a banner, a coven, or a sect.

Band Type Band Type

Click on an icon to select the type of group you are creating.

A banner may benefit from using a magical standard. If your group intends to fight together on the battlefield we recommend this option.

A coven may combine their skills to perform rituals together. If your group intends to perform rituals together we recommend this option.

Some liao ceremonies may be performed on every member of a sect. If your group intends to perform ceremonies together we recommend this option.

Group Details Group Details

Choose a name for your group; all other details are optional.

Group Name Group Name




Secret Group Secret Group

All groups are visible by default. This means any player can join your group when they create their character.

Select this option only if you want to prevent any player joining your group during character creation.

Characters can only join a secret group in play at an event.

Group Questions Group Questions

All questions are optional, but you may not enter more than 1000 characters maximum.

Group Background Group Background