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Profound Decisions aims to make live roleplaying accessible to all and to ensure everyone is able to enjoy our events. We know that certain elements of the hobby can present challenges to players with specific access requirements and are keen to explore options. We will make reasonable adjustment for disabled players. We welcome early initial contact, so please talk to us to discuss your particular needs. We want to improve accessibility at our events and feedback from our players help us to identify the problems that we need to overcome to achieve that.

In live role-playing there is an inevitable trade-off between making the game as immersive as possible and making it as accessible as possible. We strive to do both where we can and balance the two goals where we must.

You can mail our accessibility team on at any point on the run-up to an event to ask for help or information.

General Issues

Camping Area

There is a dedicated camping area for players with mobility issues. It is next to the entrance to the in-character area. Ask the gate staff to be directed to this camp when you arrive on site.


In most cases, players are able to park their vehicle right next to their tent. If you are commuting to the event and not camping on site, ask to be directed to parking spaces close to the entrance to the IC field to ensure that you do not have a long walk to reach the game.

Ground Conditions

Our events take place in a series of farm fields, one for characters playing the game and two for players who are out-of-character, eating, sleeping, resting, etc. The fields are relatively flat and even, but there is a gradual slope over the whole site and some areas are uneven. They are accessible to a fit user of a manual wheelchair or an electric wheelchair user attending together with friends. Drainage is relatively good, but the field does become boggy in heavy rain - and the ground becomes churned and muddy in areas of high traffic.

There is a large wood adjacent to the fields where we run quests, skirmishes and battles. The ground here is more uneven, and heavily overgrown in place. The ground may not be impassable to wheelchair users and players with limited mobility but they will find some difficulty participating in much of the activity that takes place there. If you are unsure about participating in any of the quests or similar that take place there then you can ask a member of the crew to show you the woods in the woodland so you can make your own out-of-character assessment.

There are a number of trip hazards across the site which can present difficulties to blind or partially sighted players; these vary by event and Profound Decisions is always willing to advise and assist with camp placement to minimise their impact.

Toilets and Showers

The quiet camping field includes two wet rooms that include showers and toilets intended for users with mobility issues. The rooms are equipped with suitable grab rails and shower stool. The room is part of the shower complex, located in the main hygiene facilities near the entrance to the site - as such it will be around 500m walk from Anvil and the in-character field.

In addition our two brand new toilet blocks, which are deployed together in the IC field include a disabled toilet block. Access is via a ramp; there is a thin gap between the top of the ramp and the floor of the room which can make it difficult to get a wheelchair inside independently. The hot-water supply is on a timed switch, so the controls need to be used repeatedly. The floor of the wet-room can be a trip-hazard if it is wet.

There is an additional wet room with full disabled suite at the end of the shower block next to the mobility camp - an area of the camp set aside for players with genuine mobility needs.

There are several other toilet blocks on site, but at present all the other cubicles are a standard size and none of them are equipped with grab rails. The other blocks have at least two steps leading up to them and the gap between the toilets and the sinks is fairly narrow so it is hard to pass by them when they are in use. There is hand-soap but only a cold water supply. The hand-towel dispenser is located at the far end of the block from the door so all cubicles and sinks need to be passed to access them.

Games Operation Desk (GOD)

All game administration is accessed via the GOD tent and players need to check in here before the game begins to collect their packs. The desk is based in a large tent with access at ground level. There are usually queues that form at peak times on Friday when people are waiting to collect their packs.

If using GOD makes the event harder for you because of the way it interacts with your access needs then then you can arrange for another player to collect your pack and to deal with GOD for you by emailing us in advance or speaking to any member of crew with a radio once you're on site.

The GOD desk is the best place to go if you need any help with accessibility issues during the event. Please ask to speak to a member of PD staff, either Matthew or Alison Pennington, and we will do whatever we can to help.

First Aid

Like GOD, the dedicated first aid team operate from a tent accessed at ground level. Refrigeration for medication is available, but please check with us before the event to ensure easy access.


Most of our event caterers use tents which are accessible at ground level. Queues can develop at busy times. We provide a large tent with tables and seating for our main caterer in the out-of-character field but these quickly fill up during busy periods. Our other caterers operate from trailers.


Traders are located near to each other within the IC field. Each trader arranges their own tent, stock and layout. Ask them if you need any assistance.

Water Supply

There are several stand pipes spread around the site. Due to the nature of the supply, the ground around them is often boggy. There is no easy way to suspend the container to be filled, so two hands are generally required for the operation, one to hold the container, the other to operate the tap.

Electricity Supply

Electricity supply is available, by prior arrangement, for mobility needs such as CPAP equipment or wheel-chair chargers.


At the centre of the in-character field is a large tavern which serves as a social hub as well as a place to get drinks. It is possible for wheelchair users to access the tavern via a ramped opening to the building.

Senate Building

At the centre of the in-character game is the senate building - where many political meetings take place, including the Senate and the Miltiary Council. At present this is accessible by a ramped entrance into the building.

The Hub, Bourse, Academy etc

The Hub is a large central tent where many (although not all) of the meetings of various groups such as priest assemblies take place. There are also announcements posted here. As it is set up in a tent, access is at ground level. Some of the notices may be too high or too low to read comfortably, but there should always be members of our crew in this area, portraying civil servants, who can help.

Tents are currently used for all other major games areas such as the Bourse and the Academy. There are no particular accessibility issues, however in general no seating is provided.

Nation Camps

There are no structures in the camps only tents, so accessibility is at ground level. An 'ambulance run' is marked out at ground level, and runs around the IC field and through the nation camps, but we will only allow vehicular access in the event of an emergency. Otherwise there are no road vehicles allowed in the IC area at the event.

Some camps have tents more densely pitched, some with tents close together with crossed guy ropes. In all the camps, the main accessibility issue is navigating between tents and avoiding guy ropes in order to access other parts of the field - finding a clear path through can be very difficult. In addition the smaller bell and ridge tents in use on the field are not always easily accessible to lone wheelchair users.


Most of the field has no lighting, but the 'main street' and the area near the tavern are illuminated with in-character street lamps.


If you play your character in a battle at an Empire event, then you must volunteer to help monster one over the course of the event. If you have variable pain/fatigue and find yourself unable to take part in more than one battle over the course of a weekend then please speak to us and we will make alternative arrangements for you.

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