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Clare Evans
Clare Evans
Game Director
Graeme Jamieson
Graeme Jamieson
Finance Director
Alison Pennington
Alison Pennington
Site Manager
Matt Pennington
Matt Pennington
Managing Director
Andy Rafferty
Andy Rafferty
Lead Writer

A friend once said that when live roleplayers are frothing in the pub after an LRP game, they don’t froth about the game, they froth about the cool things they did. Profound Decisions has been running games since 2004 striving to give all our players as many of those moments as possible.

Our games are run by a large team of volunteers drawn from some of the very best people in the hobby. Making sure our crew are able to enjoy themselves is how we deliver a great game. We know that when our crew are enjoying the event then they will produce the most incredible games for our players to enjoy.

We are passionate about LRP and we want to do everything reasonable to ensure that you enjoy our events. We enjoy talking to players, so feel free to get in touch at any time whether you’re new to LRP or have been playing for years.

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01772 724152


Profound Decisions,
PO Box 666, PR2 1ZW

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2024 Summer Solstice

Location: Dadford Road Campsite
Date: 26-Jul-2024
Current Price: £85.00
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